What’s another race?

Last minute decision here but have decided to run the Little Kings One Mile race on Friday night, which is two days before my first half. I would be a little apprehensive about it if a) I hadn’t already done it before and knew what to expect and b) a ton of people from my training group including coaches are doing it so if they’re doing it, I can do it!

ImageIt’s a neat little race that kind of kicks of Flying Pig weekend here in Cincinnati. It’s just a one mile race down Main Street in downtown Cincinnati that ends right at Smale Park where there is a festival, band playing, beers! I’ll have to limit the amount of beer I drink afterwards since this year I am running the half on Sunday. As I said, a lot of people from my training group including some of the coaches are doing it so it’ll be a nice little way to hang out and get excited for the big race on Sunday!

Last year I did it in 8:32 which is easily the fastest mile I’ve ever ran and that was without really running much or training. I definitely wasn’t running nearly as much as I am now, so I am hoping for sub 8:00 this year!

Here are the medals for this year’s race!


I’m super excited for everything this weekend! My first big race expo, Little Kings Mile, first half marathon! I have been going stir crazy with this tapering business. I wasn’t able to run last night because I shouldn’t be and because it was pouring rain. I basically sat in my house anxiously awaiting a decent time to go to bed so that tomorrow would be here! The more I sleep, the faster the weekend will be here!

How do you guys handle tapering before a big race?



  1. Good luck on your race and on your first half marathon! 1 mile races are so much fun, they are basically over right when they start haha! And tapering is always so hard for me. I want to run more but know that it’s just the best idea because my body needs to be rested for the race. But 1 mile should be no problem and I definitely would have done it as well! Have fun!!

    1. Thanks!!

      This is my first time “tapering” so I am definitely not used to it. I’ve never done a super long race where it was required. I just keep telling myself to trust the training and the coaches, they certainly know more than I do! 😉

  2. I love those 1 mile races! The truth is for me, they are hard because you are going at it with all you have to PR! The one I run each year is in St. Louis called the Macklind Mile. They advertise as the world’s fastest mile because is starts high and almost a full mile decline except for a couple of inclines which feel like hell at the time! It’s very popular and especially for fast runners…which I am not. I am targeting 7:30 this year. Good luck on your 1 miler and your half!

  3. That race looks awesome – and will keep your legs nice and loose. Plus beer! Good luck with race weekend!

    1. Thanks!! 🙂

  4. Good luck on your first half marathon! I’ve heard awesome things about the Flying Pig race, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Tapering is hard for me, but based on past races, I’ve learned that it works! My legs feel rested and strong, and I’m ready to GO with all of that pent up energy! 🙂

  5. Jane Likes to Run · · Reply

    Good luck and enjoy the experience! I really don’t have the antsy or anxious feelings that other runners get during tapering. I run in the morning though before work, so usually I just get more sleep when tapering!

    1. Everyone loves more sleep!!

  6. Good luck, girl!!

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