We made it through winter!

Now that it’s May I think we can safely say that the cold days are behind us. At least I sure hope we can say that because I just did!

We had our last training run last night before the race and it was kind of a bittersweet moment. We all were hanging out beforehand, listening to one of the main coaches give us advice and tips for race day and then instead of breaking off into smaller pace groups we just all ran together. Obviously, at one point people began to slowly break off into their own pace but it was kind of nice to all run together. Some of us are faster, some of us are slower, but we’re all out there running the same miles and hitting the same pavement, training for the same race.

I rounded out the month of April by running a little shy under 3 miles which brings my monthly total to 71.97 miles. I have no idea what I was running prior to the start of training for my first half, I know I did 60 some miles back in March and less than that back in January and February. At some point, I’d like to raise that to 100 or so miles a month and hopefully now that we have decent weather and it stays lighter outside for longer, I will be able to!


Yes, I actually have a log for every run.

How was the month of April and running for you?

Are you excited for May and warmer weather?

Do you place any goals for how many miles you will run a month?



  1. Yes, SO excited about May and warm weather!! WOOHOO!!! Awesome job with April- such fabulous runs and miles!!!

  2. I’m very excited for May and warmer weather! I haven’t made monthly running goals, but as I start getting ready for marathon training, my main goal is to build up to running at least 30 miles a week, that’s kinda a monthly goal if you multiply it by four. 🙂

    1. Oh man, I’d like to some day get up to those numbers. I just don’t feel like I have enough time :(. I’m in school full time and work full time, it’s hard to juggle it all! As I am sure you know! Everybody is busy these days!

  3. you run so much just like I do. I used to make “Km” goals but now im to busy to meet them.

  4. I think I ran about 18 days in April- but some where long walk rtuns (about 10 km ). I’m excited for may because I’m Running “Color me Rad” with a friend 🙂

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