Uhm, I’m back?!

So, not sure at what point my blogging career about running decided to take a rather long hiatus or why really but hello everyone, I am back! Things have changed, new things have happened, break ups, make ups and more break ups, PR’s, 200 mile relays. You name it, it’s happened in the last 5 months!

Last I left, I had just finished the Flying Pig and was rather unimpressed with my time and how I ran that day. Since then I’ve ran quite a few smaller races, I ran a half marathon in Dublin, Ireland where I had an even worse time than the Pig but that was expected as none of us were going to race the actual race and I had an ample amount of jet lag and quite frankly, a bit of a hangover that morning.

My next big race after Dublin was the Air Force Half Marathon which was about a month after Dublin. My friend Mike decided that he would pace me as he was coming off an injury and didn’t want to push it so we decided that I’d try to set a PR there and I did! By one minute but a PR is a PR! If you ask me, I actually set a PR by three minutes but technicalities say that I have to count those 3 minutes at mile 4 where nature called and I made a porta-potty stop! Here is a picture right after I PR’d with my glorious way of hydrating after a race in my hand.



I also attempted a tri-relay the weekend after Air Force where I was the runner. Our biker ended up getting injured on the course and DNF’d but my fellow Team RWB members handed me his timing chip from his ankle and told me I could run if I wanted even though he was DNF’d. Now, I had been waiting around since 9am, it was now 3pm and easily 90 degrees outside with not a cloud in the sky but I wasn’t going to be the only person who didn’t do anything at Deer Creek so I decided to run. The 13.1 was a 6ish mile loop and by the time I had made it back to where my friends were and was headed back out, I was just mentally done. I was so hot that I wasn’t sweating any longer, I think I had heat exhaustion and I could hardly breathe. I felt bad because I’ve never DNF’d anything but sometimes racing smart (and stopping when you know you should even if you don’t want to) is better than not racing at all.

Since Air Force and the drastic change in weather from hot, humid to cool and no humidity, I’ve been dropping time off my pace almost every run I go on. I’ve been working on actively running faster and am aiming for a pretty lofty PR in a little over a week up in Indy for the Monumental Half which my friend Doug is pacing me for. I’m not going to voice it, certain people know what I am aiming for. If I get it, everyone will know, if not, I’ll continue to keep it to myself!

I’ve found that I really love fall and fall races way more than training for summer races. Heat and humidity do terrible things for my breathing and my running, being able to become a faster runner this fall has really made me fall in love with running again. It’s nice to see results after all summer long you felt like there was no way you’d ever be able to PR in Indy due to terrible runs in the humidity.

Oh and I almost forgot, I signed up for the Forget the PR Mohican Trail Run where I will be doing a 27k in April. I’ve never ran a single trail before! So after Indy, so begins my trail running training towards a 16 miler in the middle of the woods!

Since I’ve been gone, how has everyone been? Have you set any PR’s in the last 5 months?! I don’t intend on going anywhere again as I really need to start recording what I do right and wrong on race days so I can set more and more PR’s!



  1. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve been busy! Awesome job on your races and pr! I usually like fall races better too, but it’s because I find that I train better I’m the heat than I do in the cold weather…I think growing up in Texas has something to do with that! 😉 I’ve had a pretty uneventful 5 months, but been getting back into the swing of things with my training and am looking g forward to a couple 1/2 marathons in november!

    1. Thank you!! I have been quite busy! I can’t wait until next weekends race and my report on it! That’s crazy that you are better in the heat, I run SO SLOW in the heat, it’s embarrassing, lol.

      1. I just really hate being cold and I think I have a hard time getting in “the zone” because I focus on the fact that I’m cold way too much!

  2. Congrats on the PR! Can’t wait to hear about your race in Dublin!

  3. Nice job on a PR!

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