So, I’ve notoriously been the type to not let go of summer so when the cold air comes whipping up, you’ll still find me in sandals and flip flops walking into work even though it’s probably too cold. Well, today that came back to bite me in the ass as I was walking into work, I assume I was dragging my feet so as I stepped off the curb my big toe got drug across the concrete and I essentially took a dime piece of skin off. I had another 4 block walk to work and I could feel my foot getting more and more wet so I knew it was bleeding really badly. By the time I had got up to my office and into the bathroom, there was blood everywhere in my sandal and on my foot. I washed it off as best as I could with water (for some reason my office lacks any sort of first aid kit aside from band aids) and placed two band aids, one horizontal and one vertical on it.

Now any other time, I really wouldn’t care, it’d heal when it heals and I’ll just rock sandals for a little while long till it does. BUT I have a 5k this Saturday morning that I was planning on PRing and more importantly I have a half marathon in 9 days. It looks really bad but if I was going to compare it to something, I’d compare it to a pretty bad blister where the skin has almost came off completely and now you’re left with the red/raw skin underneath.

So, this where you come in! What in the world can I do to make this thing as healed as possible in 9 days?! Neosporin? More band-aids? Some secret to healing things that you know and I don’t?! I’ll try anything. I have a super massive goal to seriously PR Indy and this is basically the last thing I needed to happen before hand!



  1. DUCT TAPE! It may be a bit painful, but just stick a piece of nonstick dressing right over the piece where the skin is out (cut it to fit) and then duct tape it. Buy the duct tape where you can see the threading in it, not the shiny sticky kind. We used to do it for ruck marches in the Army and I’d go 15 miles without ever having the tape budge. But it MUST be the old fashioned, non shiny, threaded kind or it won’t work. Test it out and let me know. That is, if it doesn’t heal in 9 days, which it probably won’t completely. This will just keep it from rubbing and getting worse.

    1. Thanks so much for the info! I ended up taping it for that weekend to run a 5k and actually PR’d it by quite a lot! I think I’ve got it now to where I don’t even need to wear anything over it this Saturday! 🙂

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