More PR’s, Indy Monumental and a semi-healed toe

Last we heard, I had stubbed my toe in the most gnarly way walking into work which I may have admittedly exaggerated a bit but it really did hurt and it truly did bleed quite a bit. I was able to place the skin that was still hanging out back over the exposed new skin (TMI right?) and started putting tea tree oil on it religiously which helped the old skin kind of grow back over top and also dried it out so that it’s more or less just a bit of a scab now. This is amazing for Indy since I’ve worn running shoes without band aids or anything on it and can’t even tell it’s there.

This past Saturday though I was struggling with whether or not to run a small 5k that I had signed up for. I didn’t want to risk tearing it open again but I kind of absolutely hate not running races I’ve signed up to do. So, I decided to use the advice of a lovely lady on here and put gauze over top the wounded part and taped it so that it wouldn’t budge. When I first put my shoe on, it felt odd but I figured, it’s just 3 mile, we’ll figure it out. This race was a tiny one that benefited the Grateful Life Center which is a inpatient rehab facility for men who are trying to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. It hit home as a few months ago we lost someone close to us due to years of addiction, homelessness, etc. I had no idea what the course was like, I just knew it went through part of Ft. Mitchell and Highlands Cemetery. Turns out, this thing was HILLY! As soon as we went down the first huge hill I started praying that we were coming back another way and I wouldn’t have to make my way up that thing. I ran past the girl at mile 1 who was yelling out times and as I pass I hear “8:42.” UHH, what?! I don’t run that fast and if I do, I can’t keep it up for another 2 miles. I think I backed off a bit when I hit the aid station and slowed down to drink some water. Also turns out, we were in fact coming back the same way. I ended up having to walk up half of the huge hill that we originally went down, there was absolutely no way I was going to run up it. I hadn’t paid attention to my watch at all which is something I’ve started to do more and more, it’s there if I need it but I don’t feel reliant on it and having to know every 10 seconds what my pace and mileage is. By the time I had neared the finish, the woman who kept pace behind me the whole time sounded like she was on my heels and I had it in my head that she wasn’t passing me so I sprinted basically the last of this thing and about puked when I crossed the finish to find that I ran a 30:25 5k. Coming in 5th in my age group and 12th overall in the females. QUITE IMPRESSED with myself, I must say. Granted, I’d never place like that had this thing not been incredibly tiny but I’ll take what I can get, a PR is a PR! PLUS I didn’t bust open my toe any further which was a welcomed sign once I finally got my shoe off.

Now I am looking forward to Indy Monumental this weekend. This will be my last half marathon of the year. I was thinking about adding one more but with the trouble I’ve been having with my IT bands and with quite a few smaller races through the end of the year, I’ll take this as my last. It’s a very flat and fast course for those that don’t know about it, a lot of people go to Indy to Boston Qualify at the full. I’ve got a real lofty PR goal planned and with the toe pretty much a non issue and having seen a sports therapy doctor twice in the last week for my IT bands, I think I’m as prepared as I’m going to be. I’m staying the entire weekend up there as a excuse to celebrate that night and not worry about getting back home so it should be a good time and hopefully I will have more than a few reasons to have some adult beverages.

Looking wayyyy, wayyy forward, I’ve decided after seeing some pictures and knowing a few friends who ran Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend that I’d like for it to be my first. My friend Mark informed me of a semi-trail/semi-paved 17.75 run in March that if you finish, you get an automatic entry into the MCM which would be great considering how hard it is to get in unless you want to fund raise or know someone! The 17.75 doesn’t look too terrible that I would worry that I couldn’t finish, it just sells out VERY quickly and will require me to travel and make travel plans within two weeks as the registration date isn’t far from when the actual race is. It worries me to think about training for a full considering the issues I have with my IT Bands just running a bunch of half marathons but I really love the idea of just pushing myself and seeing what my body can do. I’ve already pushed it quite a bit this year, might as well set some more goals for next year!



  1. Good job on the run! I’m glad the tape worked! It’s an Army trick I wish I had known from the start! Nobody told me till after MANY blisters on ruck marches! I put tape on my “hot spots” before a ruck march to prevent blisters and it worked every time! I wanted to do a 1/2 marathon but had so many issues! I think I just added distance too quickly and ended up with pain! I may start out again but slower cause I STILL want to run one! Maybe before I’m 30!

  2. Congrats on your PR! And here’s hoping that you continue your streak this weekend. I ran my first marathon this year and it was awesome. Plus I’ve only heard great things about MCM. A guaranteed entry would be amazing. My only advice would be to go to a PT and get your IT issues sorted sooner rather than later. Good luck!

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