My first half marathon, The Flying Pig, is officially only 6 days away. Commence the restlessness and anxiety! I’ve been kind of MIA this weekend from blogging but to be fair, I didn’t have much to write about. We ran our last “long” run before the Pig on Saturday which was a little shy of […]

Last night with my training group we did pick ups which were supposed to be light pick ups but ended up being full on, heavy pick ups. Lately, the coach I’ve been running with this whole 4 months has decided that we are going to start running at a faster pace than we previously have […]

This morning I came into work and was checking WordPress as I was checking my e-mail and noticed that I was nominated for a Liebster Award! How awesome! The lovely Becky over at RunBeckyRun nominated me and left me with some questions to answer so here it goes: 1. What is your favorite “cheat” food? […]

So, I just found a really interesting article that has been making it’s rounds on my Facebook, the link is below: American Strong It’s basically the story of how Ryan Hall helped Meb win the Boston Marathon because of the strong need for our country, for Boston and Americans themselves to see an American win […]

Our last long run was this past Saturday and to be honest, it was the best run I think I’ve had since we started training in January. 12 miles is the furthest I’ve ever ran and yet I was able to shave 8 seconds off my average pace for it. That to me is just […]

We had our weekly Wednesday training run last night under a gorgeous sky and beautiful weather. It was absolutely perfect running weather, a little bit of a chill but sunny and warm enough that you weren’t cold. There was a bit more wind than I choose to run against but I’ll take it versus rain, […]

So I am officially on my last week of the long run before my first half marathon. It’s kind of crazy to think back to January when I started training, back then it felt like forever till we would get to race day and now it’s almost here! I definitely am not worried or nervous […]