Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon was on November 1st, 2014 and I had planned on a rather lofty PR. Everyone kept telling me how fast and flat of a course it was so I was shooting for taking 6 minutes off my time (which would give me a 2:30). I knew it was going to be […]

Last we heard, I had stubbed my toe in the most gnarly way walking into work which I may have admittedly exaggerated a bit but it really did hurt and it truly did bleed quite a bit. I was able to place the skin that was still hanging out back over the exposed new skin […]

So, I’ve notoriously been the type to not let go of summer so when the cold air comes whipping up, you’ll still find me in sandals and flip flops walking into work even though it’s probably too cold. Well, today that came back to bite me in the ass as I was walking into work, […]

So, not sure at what point my blogging career about running decided to take a rather long hiatus or why really but hello everyone, I am back! Things have changed, new things have happened, break ups, make ups and more break ups, PR’s, 200 mile relays. You name it, it’s happened in the last 5 […]

Sorry for the long delay although I am sure most of you aren’t anxiously awaiting the results of my first half marathon. After I finished there was beers, an ice bath, a nap and more beers so I’ve not had much time to post. The whole weekend was a bit of a whirlwind it seems. […]

Now that it’s May I think we can safely say that the cold days are behind us. At least I sure hope we can say that because I just did! We had our last training run last night before the race and it was kind of a bittersweet moment. We all were hanging out beforehand, […]

Last minute decision here but have decided to run the Little Kings One Mile race on Friday night, which is two days before my first half. I would be a little apprehensive about it if a) I hadn’t already done it before and knew what to expect and b) a ton of people from my […]